On 07/04/2016 01:32 AM, William Brown wrote:


It's not the "post init" operations I'm worried about.

It's that operations that were part of the init to the consumer are
replayed from the changelog.

Operations that occurred after the init starts, definitely still need to
be replayed, and this makes sense.

Lets say we have:

1 - insert A
2 - insert ou=B
3 - modrdn A under ou=B
4 - insert C
xxxxxx <<-- We start to transmit the data here.
if we start the total update here, the supplier will send its RUV in the 
start repl request, it will be set as RUV in the consumer after total 
init is complete.
it skips to send the ruv entry
Are you sure? The behaviour that people are claiming to see would
contradict this behaviour. 
yes. As I said, with this behaviour and with teh fix for 48755 there is still a potential error if the modrdn is done while the online init is in progress. So we would have to make the "people claim" more precise and investigate
Certainly there have been a number of fixes
in URP related to replaying modrdn's and related changed after an online
init .... 

Does that make sense?
yes, and I think that is what it is doing now
I don't think it is ....
so what do you think the RUV of the consumer is after an online init ? it has to be set somehow and it is not random.

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