Apache/mod_ssl supports TLS upgrades (RFC2817) in version 2.2.0 and I was wondering - has anybody anybody ported this to mod_nss?

If not, I will try to implement TSL upgrades in mod_nss.  I can find online the patch that was probably applied to mod_ssl to implement the TLS upgrades there and my plan is to start from there and try to make equivalent changes to mod_nss.

Does anybody have any advice as to what I should be careful about - e.g. places where mod_nss might require something more than just changes equivalent to those done to mod_ssl?  Two of the significant differences b/n mod_nss and mod_ssl that I can think of right now are the NSS database vs. the mod_ssl certificate and key files, as well as that mod_nss always authenticates the whole certificate chain.

From what I see so far the main changes that need to be made to mod_nss are in the way the module configures: itself (ssl_init_Modules), the SSL engine (nss_cmd_NSSEngine) and a server (ssl_init_ConfigureServer).  Also, changed would be needed in the Access handler, Authentication handler, Read Request handler, and Fixup hook functions.

An additional question is: where is the nss_cmd_NSSEngine function invoked?  It's function prototype should be changed because now the NSSEngine state is not simply a boolean, but I can't find where the function is invoked from...

Thanks in advance :)