On 08/11/2015 07:40 AM, William Brown wrote:

Ultimately, I would like to see some of your new functionally go into 
the existing core module, and then write your tools based off of those.  
This way it can be leveraged outside of your "specific task" tools - for 
use in other new/future tools.  Of course I am specualting a bit, 
because I have not seen what you are working on yet.
You have already seen my work, and acked most of the functionality into the 
modules. Additionally the aci.py module is waiting in your inbox for informal

For example: 

https://fedorahosted.org/389/ticket/48236 <- Will be used in conjunction with
aci.py to evaluate and test aci functionality is working as expected, both in
the aci evaluation engine in 389ds, but also from a semantic point of view of
user acis

https://fedorahosted.org/389/ticket/48238 <- Is all the functionality needed 
make the schema query tool I was discussing before.
Here is a patch with an example of what I have in mind. It's not perfected, or
polished, but it demonstrates what I have in mind.

To use it:

python clitools/ds_list_instances.py

python clitools/ds_schema_attributetype_list.py -i "instance name"

The main details are:

* It must be run on the same system as the ds instance.
* It respects PREFIX for your DS instances.
* This tool requires permissions to read dse.ldif of the instance. It currently
doesn't handle permission denied gracefully, as after all it's a POC.

I hope this demonstrates how I want to tie together the other contributions I
have made into tools, but also making it possible to test other aspects of

Comments and advice welcome.
Hi William,

This looks good to me, it's definitely a good start.  I see no reason not to push the patch once you think it's ready and polished enough.  Don't forget to add the license text to new files.  <This actually needs to be done for many of the files in lib389 - I'll open a ticket for that>


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