Hi All,

Which one of the case below is suitable for a Multi-Master replication. I have a load balancer with ldap.domain.com, which is what clients will use to authenticate.

Which one is a better implementation? What are the trade-offs? Please input your feedback as it might be useful for someone coming this way later. This can serve as a knowledge bank.

ldap01: server-cert with cn=ldap01.domain.com, subjAltName=ldap.domain.com
ldap02: server-cert with cn=ldap02.domain.com, subjAltName=ldap.domain.com
-MMR with tls throws error when “Check hostname against name in certificate for outbound SSL connections” option is enabled. But RH recommends it to be turned ON.

ldap01: server-cert with cn=ldap.domain.com, subjAltName=ldap01.domain.com, ldap02.domain.com
ldap01: server-cert with cn=ldap.domain.com, subjAltName=ldap01.domain.com,ldap02.domain.com
-Does not comply with the requirement that “server-cert” should have hostname as cn.I found this method working perfectly fine.

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