Hello all,

I found a file called dbtest.c in fds source code.
The actual purpose the file written is - “ldbm database test program”. (from the comment inside file)

The function dbtest_help() inside the dbtest.c clearly shows some command line help messages such as

i => traverse index keys and ID list values" 
t => traverse index keys and values" ;
T => traverse index keys";
u => traverse id2entry keys and values" ;
U => traverse id2entry keys";
l<c> => lookup index";
L<c> => lookup index (all)";
t<c> => traverse index keys… etc,

But I could not find any specific tool which uses the functions which exists inside dbtest.c. I tried using all the available tools in FDS I didn’t find any tool which invokes this dbtest_help () function.

Other than dbverify, dbscan, is there really any testing tool available for database testing OR 
This file is in the source code as an intention of using it in future FDS releases.

Can somebody clarify my doubt?


Brown Diego.