On 10/01/2014 03:01 PM, Ghiurea, Isabella wrote:
Thank you for feedback, we cheked we do have that atribute"memberOf" and object class
If you have the memberOf attribute in the entry then it's working :-)  Is there anything in the errors log?  You can also enable plugin logging if you don't see anything useful in the errors log.  Did you restart the server after configuring the memberof plugin? 

If you are still having issues can we see the group that members are being added to, and the member entry itself?

Any other suggestions?

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Subject: Re: [389-users] 389DS memeberof plugin not working

On 10/01/2014 02:34 PM, Ghiurea, Isabella wrote:
Hello 389 users,

I'm having problems getting the memberof plugin work on
389-Directory/ B2014.219.179. We are using groupofuniquenames

Here's the configuration of the memberof plugin:

objectClass: extensibleObject (auxiliary)
objectClass: nsSlapdPlugin (structural)
objectClass: top (abstract)
cn: MemberOf Plugin
nssldap-pluginDescription: none
nssldap-pluginEnabled: on
nssldap-pluginId: none
nssldap-pluginInitfunc: memberof_postop_init
nssldap-pluginPath: libmemberof-plugin
nssldap-pluginType: postoperation
nssldap-pluginVendor: none
nssldap-pluginVersion: none
nssldap-plugin-depends-on-type: database
memberofattr: memberOf
memberofgroupattr: uniquemember

Adding members to a group do not trigger the creation of the
corresponding memberof attributes on those members. What are we missing?

Make sure the entry's schema allows the "memberOf" attribute.  For example, make sure the entry has "objectclass: inetUser". 

Thank you,

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