On 11/08/2011 12:27 AM, Moisés Barba Pérez wrote:
Not very much, this is useful when you have the entry in a DB with r/w access. The problem is I have configure the replication in hub mode and I can manage the entry in that DB.
I suppose you could stop replication, then set the hub database to backend instead of referral, then use directory manager to edit the entry.


2011/10/28 Rich Megginson <rmeggins@redhat.com>
On 10/27/2011 01:20 AM, Moisés Barba Pérez wrote:

I have a problem with one entry in LDAP. Two ldap servers configured as hub replication, each one with its own db.

It have been such a replication error or something like that, and it was created a entry in the read-only db of one of them with this format


where the original is


having both of then in the read-only db and the correct one in the original ldap. I can't remove the wrong entry because in the original ldap there is only the correct one. How can I fix this entry (removing it, I guess) ???
Does this help?  http://docs.redhat.com/docs/en-US/Red_Hat_Directory_Server/8.2/html-single/Administration_Guide/index.html#Managing_Replication-Solving_Common_Replication_Conflicts

My ldap version is 1.2.5 and the OS is centos5.5.

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