Hi Guys,


I have a fedora DS running on RHEL 4.0.I have 3 NIS Servers – Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto. Each one of them has around 300 users.The users in Jupiter should not have access rights for  other Servers. Let me tell you about my attempt and where I am facing problem at:


I have migrated all the NIS to Fedora DS through migrate.pl scripts. Now when I use Fedora DS Console it asks for just /tmp/passwd.ldif file and doesn’t talk about People/Special Group/Group. All I can see in Directory Server > Directory(TAB) > Click on im > People where I see all the users get updated to.


What My Plan is to create three sub-division of People –  Jupr, Satn and Plo and restrict one another from accessing the other unrelated projects.


Can I know what can help me to particularly migrate the  Jupiter NIS Users strictly to Jupr and vice versa



Pls Help.

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