Hi Folks,


I have recently  been tasked with moving a Single Ldap Master from a dying machine to a spanking new blade. After doing some research it appears to me that the optimum way to do this will be installing a fresh instance of the application on the new server, import the database and then recreate and reinitialize all the hubs and replicas. The problem I face is that this work place has a humongous LDAP database will 3 mil+ entries. Re-initialization is taking upto 3 hours in some cases. With 5 hubs and 20 replicas to reinitialize, the downtime is unacceptable to the client.


If I stop writes to the Master, then export the database to the new box and recreate the New-Master-Hub replication after removing the old Master , will I still need to re-initialize the hubs? Is there any way to do this swap without reinitializing or fooling the hubs and reps into thinking that they are still talking to the same Master albeit on a new machine (same ip address/dns).


The client is still using ver. 1.1.2 on Centos 5.4



Shar Ker