Hello 389 users,

I'm having problems getting the memberof plugin work on
389-Directory/ B2014.219.179. We are using groupofuniquenames

Here's the configuration of the memberof plugin:

objectClass: extensibleObject (auxiliary)
objectClass: nsSlapdPlugin (structural)
objectClass: top (abstract)
cn: MemberOf Plugin
nssldap-pluginDescription: none
nssldap-pluginEnabled: on
nssldap-pluginId: none
nssldap-pluginInitfunc: memberof_postop_init
nssldap-pluginPath: libmemberof-plugin
nssldap-pluginType: postoperation
nssldap-pluginVendor: none
nssldap-pluginVersion: none
nssldap-plugin-depends-on-type: database
memberofattr: memberOf
memberofgroupattr: uniquemember

Adding members to a group do not trigger the creation of the
corresponding memberof attributes on those members. What are we missing?

Thank you,