2009/3/11 Rich Megginson <rmeggins@redhat.com>
tamarin p wrote:

3) I'm assuming it's only possible to have one admin console/config server per machine. Ie not possible to have four server instances on the same box but have the first two managed through one console and the remaining two through another (on the same machine)?
There can be only 1 admin server per machine.  The admin server on that machine manages all directory server instances on that machine.  You can create directory server instances that cannot be managed in the console at all using setup-ds.pl.  I don't know if that answers your question.

Thanks for the explanation, Rich.

One additional question with regards to the above, though, if I may:
Does this mean it's not intended/possible to register ldap instance(s) on machine A with the config-server on machine B? I assumed it was because answering "yes" on the register-with-existing-configserv step in setup-ds-admin.pl prompts you for a full ldap-URL. However, creating an instance with setup-ds.pl and then later running register-ds-admin.pl it only seems possible to register locally by folder/identifier, not ldap-URL.