Sam Tran wrote:
On 6/29/05, David Boreham <> wrote:
Sam Tran wrote:

I would like to know what implementation of Kerberos is prefered to
setup SASL/GESSAPI with Fedora DS: MIT or Heimdal?

It was developed tested and is supported with MIT (or the OS vendor's
native krb implementation in the case of other OS'es, which I believe
are all derived from MIT).
Doesn't mean that it won't work ok with Heimdal of course.


Has anyone implemented FDS with Heimdal.

Heimdal allows you to store the user passwords in LDAP. Is there a
password change mechanism for that situation?
There is a "ldap backend" for Heimdal, but it uses the non-standard ldapi interface (e.g. LDAP through a unix domain file based socket rather than a TCP/IP socket).  You would have to port that code to use an ldap or ldaps interface for use with FDS.

Otherwise, I'm not sure if GSSAPI supports a password change mechanism.  If so, you could do this through FDS.

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