Steve Mahaffey wrote:
Leif Hedstrom wrote:

Did you actually create an Admin and DS instance (using .../setup/setup)
? I don't think those scripts are created until you run the setup.

I followed the Install Guide where it says to do this:
cd serverroot/bin/slapd/admin/bin
perl /full/path/to/install.inf

I haven't fully scrutinized what the perl script does, but maybe it
doesn't do all the things that the setup script that you've referenced
does.  Perhaps I should try to start over and use that one?

Looks like the setup shell scrip overwrites the install.inf file also.  So
if both need to run it looks like order may be important.
There are two different procedures here.  When building completely from scratch from source, you do not have the admin server, console, setup, etc.  Those components are still proprietary and have not yet been open sourced (we are working on it).  So if you do a "pure" open source build from scratch, you don't get console, admin server, etc.

What we recommend is to first download and install the binary Fedora DS package.  This does contain admin server, console, etc., and will create those scripts like start-admin at install time.  Then, if you want to work on the source code, check it out and build it, then just replace ns-slapd,, and any other files you'd like to test with your changes with the versions you build from source.
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