I've installed Fedora DS 1.1.3 on RHEL5 and configured two server instances using setup-ds-admin.pl. It seems to work fine, including single-master replication. I can manage both servers through the fedora-idm-console.

I'm left with some some questions I couldn't find answers to in the documentation however, and was hoping someone could help me clear some of them.

1) The Red Hat documentation makes references to both an admin server and a configuration server. I can't seem to get a handle on what's what. Is it simply two terms for the same thing or does one refer to the web-interface while the other refers to the o=NetscapeRoot suffix on one of the ldap instances?

2) Slightly connected with 1). Is it advisable to create a completely separate ldap instance for the configuration server or does one generally just use the first instance created? For example in my test setup I created two instances. slapd-primary and slapd-secondary, where the configuration server for secondary was set to ldap://ldap.test.org:389/o=NetscapeRoot. I'm assuming pointers to all servers managed by this console etc. is stored here. Would it instead be advisable to have a completely separate instance for this, so that instead of slapd-primary and slapd-secondary, I'd have slapd-admin, slapd-primary and slapd-secondary? In production (and further along in my testing) they would all live on separate boxes obviously.

3) I'm assuming it's only possible to have one admin console/config server per machine. Ie not possible to have four server instances on the same box but have the first two managed through one console and the remaining two through another (on the same machine)?