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Odd, I got MMR working with SSL...and I only referenced that documentation
which documentation?
(well, and assistance from this list and the IRC room...).  It was 1.2.6, but surely that didn't really change things?
It hasn't changed between 1.2.6 and 1.2.7

Sounds like everyone is agreeing (even if indirectly) that the documentation is outdated though
Which documentation?
- is it due to work focusing on FreeIPA?  Some say good software with bad documentation is worse than bad software with good documentation...I'm a hands-on guy so I would disagree, but I do see the point none the less.

I did make a few howtos for internal use, covering everything from setting up the first server, getting SSL working, getting replication working, then getting OSX and Linux hosts pulling from the mess.  They were docs meant for me to read (complete with the shorthand and shortcuts that I understand) but if you have problems then let me know and I'll see what I can clean up.  As it so happens, I'm setting up an all new MMR 389 pair in the next few days (our company is somewhat splitting, and I don't want to have it be different trees on the same directory)...so I'll know pretty quick if something has changed the last half-year.  Hell, if you were maybe going to be working on it in the next few days anyway, we can sortof step through it together online - just let me know.
I have mmr.pl in my private github repo - if anyone wants to send me patches, I will push them.

mmr.pl patch for --with-ssl is attached (maybe).
Thanks!  Pushed to https://github.com/richm/scripts

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