On 05/02/2016 01:44 PM, Job Cacka wrote:
Thanks for the quick reply Mark.

Perhaps I do not understand the layout of 389 DS correctly. 

Should there be a separate backup of the dirsrv-admin data?
No - there is no backup functionality for the HTTP admin server. 

I think I may have changed a setting in the 389-ds console that took affect after one of the reboots we had this winter/spring. 

My hope was to restore that back to an earlier backup. My understanding was that those settings are in NetscapeRoot. Am I confusing two different things?  Where should I look for a dirsrv-admin backup? What script creates it? 
There are config files for the admin server:  /etc/dirsrv/admin-serv but these are not backed up.  "netscaperoot" just contains the information needed by the console to access/manage your Directory Servers.

Note - if you are using the console on Windows and trying to use SSL, you NEED to use the latest console version for windows (v1.1.15).

You can verify your version of the console by running this command on the windows system: 

389-console -D 9

then look for: "389-Management-Console/1.1."


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