Try to use nscd (man nscd for more details) on the clients.

Other than that, index the attributes used during the searches. The utility that will show you the unindexed searches is ("locate" to find it): -V <ldap access log file>

Compared to the the default FDS indexes we add the presence and equality indexes on uidnumber, gidnumber and memberuid for this type of service. We have no slowdowns or loss of performance over time with ~10000 accounts and 200 workstations, so for your infrastructure it should be no problem either...

2009/4/26 σΑΖΟΞΟΧ αΜΕΛΣΕΚ <>

At me the network on the basis of FDS 1.1 is developed. At the moment the quantity of computers - clients FDS does not exceed 40. Client computers on the basis of Fedora 10. Nevertheless, on computers of clients after a while all starts to work very slowly. Slowly start programs and etc. It occurs only to users FDS. If to come on the computer under the local user - all is normal.
Tuning of productivity FDS ( has been made.

How it is possible to solve a problem?

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