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speedy zinc wrote:

--- Chen Shaopeng <> wrote:


You can change the display font to see if it's
right, go to
Edit -> Preferences -> Font, and select a font that
display your native language.

hah, that's an easy one :) thanks.

The only thing thouhg, there is no easy way to switch
font quickly. If I want to view greek contents, I have
to change to a different font. If I want to view
contents, I have to switch to a font that can handle
chinese charset.... man, that's not very productive.

That's an interesting problem.  Is there an app that can do that?
I haven't tried it for years, but there used to be a Unicode font set on the net and we were using it.  That way you don't have to switch from one to another...


chris s.p.

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