### Starting ldap parts

groupadd -g 10000 ldap

useradd -u 10000 -g 10000 -d /home/ldap ldap

yum install 389-admin

yum install 389-adminutil 389-adminutil-devel \

389-ds-base 389-ds-base-devel 389-ds-base-libs


### Take defaults



chkconfig --levels 2345 dirsrv on

chkconfig --levels 2345 dirsrv-admin on

chkconfig --levels 2345 httpd on



cd /etc/dirsrv/slapd-ldap

certutil -N -d .

certutil -L -d .


At some point, the CA Builtin tokens are all gone.


-          Chris

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Hi Chris,

Not seen that before could you detail the steps you have taken thus far to get to the point you at now.



2011/10/19 Chris Cawley <cawley@wrlc.org>

Hello –


We are in the process of setting up SSL on 389 ds; however,

it appears that the CA cert db is empty.  The builtin tokens

are not even loaded.  Any ideas why?


-          Thanks



Chris Cawley

System Administrator

Washington Research Library Consortium





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