Hi  Guys,


I have been playing around with Netgroup ACL but went into confusion.All I need now is Setting Up ACI for Groups.

I Have 2 Groups – buildadm and agiledev. Around 50 users are in agiledev  and 30 in buildadm.Now I tried to create the following ACL on buildadm through Fedora DS Console as:


(targetattr = "*") (target = "ldap:///cn=buildadm,ou=Groups,dc=im,dc=logica,dc=com") (version 3.0;acl "<Unnamed ACI>";deny (all)(groupdn = "ldap:///cn=agiledev,ou=Groups,dc=im,dc=logica,dc=com") and (ip="10.14.242.*");)


All it means is no user from Agiledev /IP address:  is  allowed to login or access to Buildadm. Right ?


Does it mean that?



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