Shairport works great on ARM as do most other audio players. Install the minimal image as you won't need or want all the desktop stuff. The Pi is under powered and has a bad interrupt structure for audio. I would say go with the Wandboard.


On Wed, May 14, 2014 at 3:44 PM, Derek Atkins <> wrote:
Hey All,

I'm looking to build a Fedora-ARM-based Audio server (actually several
of them).  The idea is that I would plug the ARM box into my network and
connect it to an amp to drive speakers, and then run something like
Shairport on the device in order to send audio to different zones in my
house.  Why Fedora?  Well, I like it!  :)

My current plan (goal?) is to use the onboard analog audio output, not
TOSlink or a USB DAC device.  I would plug the audio output directly
into the amp to power the zone speakers.

So here's my question for you: What's the best hardware platform for the
money to solve this?  (I.e., what's the cheapest solution that works
"well"?)  In my little bit of research I've boiled it down to a
Raspberry Pi, Wandboard, or Trimslice.  Of course the RaspPi appears to
be by far the least expensive of the three ($60 for a full system
including case, power, and SD Card), but if the other options are
significantly better in terms of performance and audio quality, they may
be worth the additional cost.

So here I am asking the experts....


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