El 27/03/13 12:32, Peter Robinson escribió:

Known issue. Use 3.8.3 and higher with qemu 1.4+. There's a known issue with qemu 1.3 with newer kernels (>3.7).

On 27 Mar 2013 17:27, "Alex Villací­s Lasso" <a_villacis@palosanto.com> wrote:
> Last kernel I could boot correctly under qemu is 3.7.6-102.fc17.armv7l.
> When I try 3.7.9-101.fc17.armv7l, I get this under qemu-1.4.0 :

I have now tried 3.8.3-102.fc17.armv7l and it still fails to boot. The last known good kernel is 3.7.6-102.fc17.armv7l.