Hello ARM folks,

Can someone tell me what is  the best low cost ARM based  computer that can run fedora is? I need it for a development platform as an audio client in the multi media network. 

   I know there is a list of devices out there that have been set up to install, but they seem to be older devices that have already been updated and are out of production. The concern of the group that I am helping with this project http://www.s1digital.com/ is that the device platform is already working with fedora.   They are looking to develop a low cost media client for the sever that they manufacture.   Beyond that, the device must be something already in a "case" as opposed to the beagle-board or the cubie-board. It must also also be wireless and have an optical output for audio.

They are willing to import a large number of these things and sell them as cheap Linux desktop devices.

There seem to be a lot of these 50$ to a 100$ boxes coming out of China right now it's just a matter of finding the right one.

 If anyone is willing to help, please drop me an email... coacharnold@gmail.com; or through the board

Thanks in advance for any and all direction you can give me on this project.  


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