Sorry for delay. We have new, stable kernel
Input devices works correctly, work Wireless & 3G & more stuff. Its build w/o sound & uncorrectly sleep (suspend).
About Fedora on Toshiba AC100. We have launch new kernel 2.6.37 w. Fedora ARM13
This guide for install Fedora ARM on Toshiba AC100 2.6.37
if we change one string, we install Fedora onToshiba AC100 well:
This string:
tar xvf tegra-rootfs.tgz --numeric-owner -C /mnt/mmc tar xvf tegra-rootfs.tgz - numeric-owner-C / mnt / mmc
need change to:
tar xvf smartbook-rootfs-f13.tar.bz2 --numeric-owner -C /mnt/mmc tar xvf smartbook-rootfs-f13.tar.bz2 - numeric-owner-C / mnt / mmc
We use Fedora rootfs from Genesi Smartbook. But we have little problem - FSTAB seeking rootfs in different place - mmcblk1p2
Where need to change for FSTAB seeking rootfs in right place - mmcblk0p1 ?
2. Two testing - new rootFS from this (little hint)
If we use new rootfs from this -  from 11-May-2011 10:52 116M - all working, but only comand prompt (NO GUI). Its requered this comand (for working wireless internet):
apt-get install wpasupplicant
apt-get install aptitude
modprobe rt2800usb
wpa_passphrase ssid password > /etc/wpa_supplicant/ssid.conf
wpa_supplicant -c /etc/wpa_supplicant/ssid.conf -i wlan0 -D wext
after that (download & start GNOME)
apt-get install gnome
apt-get install xorg

Good luck