> From: wbsecflive@gmail.com
> We've been building LiveCD's since Fedora 8, and have noticed issues
> starting with Fedora 18.  We started with the stock .ks files, no
> changes.  These include not booting (freezing) on some machines,
> wifi not working, etc..

> However, downloading the LiveCD from the Fedora website doesn't
> exhibit these issues.

I've not noticed any similar issues of my own except when going from F15 to F17 (IIRC) where a built-in driver got dropped from comps.

> What is the difference between the two?

If I were in your shoes, here's what I'd try:  Boot both variants -- it sounds like that's possible, if the right machines are used -- and once a shell can be gained:

        rpm -qa | sort > /tmp/package-list-TAG        # where TAG helps you keep track of where each list originated

Copy those temp files to a common location and then run diff against them.  Look closely at those packages that are present on the regular Fedora Live, but not in your own spin.  If there are no differences, I'd question the spin process and/or its sources.

John Florian